The Ranch Chronicles


         “His land is big and vast and he honors the land of his birth, by traveling upon it, living with it, from it and on it."



Two rivers run from two sources and merge below a bluff. This high point is home to an ancient burial mound deep in the Texas Hill Country. We follow Mariah’s transcendent journey on these, 19,000 wild Texas acres. HEADWATERS is the first book in THE RANCH CHRONICLES. In a world of pristine beauty, pure water, and forgotten canyons, mysteries lie hidden.  The tragedy that threatens to end David and Mariah’s family visits forever, dovetails with eminent world changes on the horizon. Author note: “The power of the land led me to write THE RANCH CHRONICLES. I grew up in Texas, my summers spent on a 19,000-acre ranch on the headwaters of the Nueces River. The land has power, which I wanted to voice.” The characters are unified by their passion for the land. Nature is the common ground that unites all humans regardless of race or religion. I believe it takes a leap to live on the edge. Headwaters and The Forgotten Tribe put you there with total immersion. 

     "In my heart, I know nature is abundant. The Ranch has chosen us. We must remember that while this land is vast, it’s not ours. We’re only guests here."
















T H E  F O R G O T T E N   T  R I B E 


THE FORGOTTEN TRIBE continues the journey of Mariah and her artist husband David, into the Texas Hill country. After hurricane threats and severe floods, the family leaves Houston with a small group of free thinkers and renegades. They return to the natural world of pristine beauty, pure water, and forgotten canyons. Although now abandoned, mysteries lie hidden. Much of this book is a physical and spiritual journey. David, Mariah, and the children’s spirits relax and soar with the mystical land, and deep, cleansing water. They launch-in, to set up an off-the-grid community, soon discovering a dazzling presence from the Headwaters.

Imagine an ancient people, living in hiding on earth through the centuries. While the focus is on survival, Mariah endeavors to solve the mystery of her friend’s brutal murder.

THE FORGOTTEN TRIBE tells of two groups that come to make their home on 19,000 wild Texas acres. Epic in scope, it’s a portrait of true harmony, transcending environmental crises, and survival. 

Through the intertwining of wisdom with mundane tasks, the two groups discover what it means to be fully alive. The beauty of the story lies in the forgotten tribe, the enigmatic descendants, harboring long-held secret knowledge—

The Law of One.

In a contemporary world plummeting toward disaster, THE FORGOTTEN TRIBE offers a new way to live and be.






      There is a way to live on the earth –a peaceful, gentle and             harmonious way –and they know what it is.


The Ranch Chronicles